Environmental Commission

Per New Jersey Statutes Annotated 40:56A-1 and Township Code §3.28, the Pequannock Township Council established the Environmental Commission to promote conservation and environmental protection by advising the Council and other Township agencies. See below for the Commission’s mission statement, membership, and meeting schedule. Other links on this page enable the public to contact the Commission or find useful information.

Mission Statement

The Environmental Commission represents the public and its long-term interests as local environmental advocates. We work towards these goals by: 

  • Advising the town council and the planning and zoning boards about a wide range of environmental issues that affect the town
  • Advocating for open-space preservation
  • Keeping residents informed of environmental issues
  • Promoting environmental education; and working with neighboring commissions and other organizations to meet these goals


The Environmental Commission consists of 7 regular, voting members; 2 alternate (voting only to reach a quorum) members; and 2 additional, non-voting “liaison” members, each with term expiration dates as shown below. Members are appointed by the Mayor. Any resident interested in serving on the Commission is encouraged to attend monthly meetings and to submit a completed Volunteer Application/Citizen Leadership Form to the Township Clerk.

Regular Members (3-year terms)

  1. Andrea, Tom                           12/31/2021            Secretary
  2. VACANT                                 12/31/2021
  3. Bell, Herb                                12/31/2022
  4. Dulinski, Melissa                     12/31/2022
  5. Dixon, Donna                          12/31/2023
  6. Laub, Lorelle                           12/31/2023
  7. Newman, Tom                         12/31/2023            Chair

Alternate Members (2-year terms, staggered)

  1. Andrea, Spencer                     12/31/2022            Alternate #1
  2. Lamoureaux, Edward             12/31/2023             Alternate #2

Liaison (Non-Voting) Members (1-year terms)

  1. Russell, Kyle                            12/31/2021            Town Council
  2. Sydoryk, Nina                         12/31/2021             Youth


The Environmental Commission holds meetings monthly or as necessary to fulfill its mission. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend, but we suggest that interested parties contact the Commission beforehand so that sufficient time can be allotted.

  • 7:30 pm, 2nd Wednesday of each month. View the Meeting Calendar
  • Senior House, 530 Newark-Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444.

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