Mayor's Message

Dear Residents and Visitors of Pequannock Township,

As I begin my seventh year on the Pequannock Township Council and my second term as mayor, it is truly an honor to serve the residents of the Township of Pequannock.  I welcome the opportunity to join with all the members of the council to work with our township manager, and the township employees, all of whom strive to make our beautiful township a wonderful and safe place to live.  I am particularly pleased with the hiring of our current township manager, Mr. Adam Brewer, in 2018.  Adam is an excellent asset to our community; if you have the opportunity, I encourage you to meet him. 

I am very pleased with the significant improvements made to our township in 2018: the new water tank, the new transmission water main, the completion of the Village Area Sewer Project, and the upcoming Rt. 23-sewer project. 

I am excited about the upcoming Master Plan project.  A comprehensive master plan for our township has not been completed in about 25 years, so the council appropriated the funds and selected the planner for this project in 2018.  In 2019, the work of the Planning Board and planner will begin, culminating in a new vision for the community.  There will be a website, solely dedicated to the master plan and soliciting feedback from the community, in addition to offering information sessions that will help guide the process.  One of the many virtues to our government is the opportunity for public participation; this is an excellent opportunity for the community members to share their perspective. 

The township council and township employees believe that effective communication with the public is key and a top priority.  To this point, there will be a new, more user-friendly Township of Pequannock website coming in mid-2019.  The new website will make it easier for community members and township employees to interact with the township government functions, municipal services, and the many programs available to our residents and businesses 24 hours a day. 

I encourage our residents to visit the town website at to keep apprised of the many township activities, programs, and committees.  The township also has a SMART  911-notification system that will call your home, your cell, and send you a text or an email with important emergency information; please sign up for this service on our website.  Finally, Pequannock Township operates an AM radio station on the dial at 1620 AM during an emergency.

The Pequannock Township Council remains committed to acting with fiscal responsibility and will work with township manager to bring forth a reasonable budget for the community.   In addition, the council will continue to partner with our neighboring communities to explore ways to reduce costs without compromising the excellent services we provide.  We are proud to live in a community with a reputation of mutual communication and cooperation, a safe family-friendly environment, and a program-rich community for all residents. 

The township is always looking for community members who would like to volunteer their time to improve the programs and facilities of our township.  Please consider becoming involved by participating and contributing to our township.

Once again, it is an honor and privilege to serve the community of Pequannock Township.  Please feel free to contact me anytime on my cell phone at 973-934-3111 or email me at should you have any questions or concerns.

David G. Kohle, Mayor

Township of Pequannock