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Good News

The good news is this site is being redesigned to provide additional information including long range plans for road and sidewalk work, active and planned projects, direct contact information, and links to sites of interest. If appropriate, we will post clarification and/or explanations to questions typically asked on social media. Generally speaking, information found on Facebook is speculative and often misrepresented. If you observe questionable activities or have questions, please email Tanya or Joe and we will post the best available information addressing your concerns.

Help Identify

Please help us identify the most important items that should be found via the “Engineering” subsection of your Township web page. We are in the planning stage of improving the site and could really use your input:

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Groundwater Records Website

If you visited another towns engineering page and found it comprehensive, we want to hear about it. Please email me your ideas, constructive criticism, likes, dislikes, and/or anything that might improve our services. My email address is listed above. Thank you for taking the time to provide valuable input.

2018 Summary

In summary, 2018 has been one of the busiest for construction. Major projects include the:

  • Catch basin cleaning/repair with Eco upgrades (Eco upgrades typically prevent plastics from entering the drainage system)
  • Construction of a new water tower and associated water conveyance system
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Elevation of homes in flood prone areas
  • Full reconstruction of Mountain Avenue between the Boulevard and West Parkway
  • Resurfacing of 3.5 miles of local and county roads

Water Main Project & Mountain Avenue

The water main project on West Parkway and portions of Mountain Avenue will be completed in the spring. For your information, additional work was mandated on West Parkway to improve ride-ability since the temporary trench repair was substandard (at no cost to the Township).

Also, newly paved sections of Mountain Avenue were removed and replaced because of questionable construction procedures, also at no cost to the Township. While re-working these areas causes further delay, our office will not accept substandard work unless it is consistent with the approved plans and specifications.

Thank You

Most importantly, let me thank all of our residents for your patience and consideration. Construction projects can be very stressful with unexpected delays, detours, rough road surface, noise, dust, and overall frustration with communications and changing schedules. We really appreciate everyone’s cooperation and understanding as we work together, as a community, to improve our aging infrastructure.

  1. Alert Dog Park
  2. Alert Flood Map Appeal
  3. Alert Groundwater

Alert Dog Park (Revision 3)

The Dog Park continues to flood. The depth of the pond in the park is a function of regional groundwater fed by subsurface runoff from the adjacent foothill. Our office conducted tests confirming the high water table. Since the groundwater level is regional, the pond cannot be lowered until the regional water table naturally dissipates.

Several weeks of minimal precipitation is required. Groundwater elevations recede much slower than surface flooding. The rise of groundwater in the park has stabilized. Barring an overly wet spring, we expect the water to recede.

Resident Groundwater Bulletin

Review the Resident Groundwater Bulletin (PDF).