Emergency Management

Pequannock OEMThe Pequannock Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is a separate department reporting to the Township Manager but is organizationally a part of the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security, reporting directly to the Morris County Office of Emergency Management.


The Pequannock OEM is staffed by one part-time Coordinator and four part-time Deputy Coordinators. Their primary function is to work with Federal, State, County and local agencies to plan for, coordinate and direct operations at large scale civil emergencies that usually require the coordinated efforts of multiple municipal departments and/or outside agencies.


The primary focus of the department is in planning for events that are more likely to affect the Township like storm damage and flooding. Some other events for which we plan are hazardous material incidents, terrorist attacks using weapons of mass destruction and mass distribution of prophylactic medicines.

The OEM Coordinators are also available to assist, advise and guide community leaders in pro-active initiatives in emergency preparedness and response. The office staff is expanded when the Emergency Operations Center is activated in preparation for, or in response to a large scale emergency.

A state requirement of the planning responsibilities of OEM is to maintain an Emergency Operations Plan that is reviewed and certified by the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security. Under current legislation, this certification is required in order for the Township to apply for certain Federal and State grants.

Website Updates

As a result of the Townships recent website improvements, the OEM staff is now able to more easily update this site and we will be updating this page with new information and links for family preparedness in emergencies, local flooding, frequently asked questions, etc. Please visit us often to see the changes and also email us above with your suggestions or questions.


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Pequannock Township has been designated a StormReady Community by the National Weather Service since 2002.