Manager's Office

The Township Manager, as described in the Optional Municipal Charter Law, N.J.S.A. 40:69A-1 et. seq., serves as both the Chief Executive and Chief Administrative Officer of the Township. The Manager oversees the operations of all municipal departments, coordinates the day-to-day operations of the community and carries out the policies as set by the Township Council.

Acting as the principal liaison between members of the Township Council, township departments and the general public, the Township Manager oversees a broad spectrum of township functions.

General duties of the Township Manager include:

A.  Supervise the administration of all departments of the township government and be responsible for the maintenance of sound personnel, policies and administrative practices.

B.  Negotiate contracts on behalf of the municipality.  

C.  Approve all bills, purchase orders and/or vouchers for payment, subject to audit and control as provided in municipal code.   

D.  Maintain a continuing review and analysis of budget operations, work programs and costs of municipal services.  Preparation and presentation of the township's annual budget.

E.  Appointment of Township Personnel, maintenance of all personnel records, vacation and sick leave schedules and records.

F.  Study the government and administrative operations and need of the township government and prepare and recommend to the Township Council necessary and desirable plans and programs with respect thereto.   

G.  Attend all meetings of the Township Council and perform such other duties as the Township Council may prescribe. 

H.  Solicitation of grant funding from a variety of sources.