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Protect Pipes From Freezing

Water pouring onto frozen copper pipe

Cold weather, and icy temperatures can cause frozen water pipes and water meters to break and possibly cause damage to your home.  Make sure all family members know how to shut off the water into your home. There is a  valve on either side of the meter that can be used to shut off water.  Be sure the shut-off valves are easy to operate, so that water can be turned off quickly in case of an emergency.

Ways to Prevent Damage:

  • Seal off any cracks that admit drafts to the basement, garage or crawl space containing water pipes or your water meter.
  • Keep all doors and windows tightly shut at all times and make adequate heating available to these areas.
  • Insulate all exposed water pipes, using pipe insulation or even several layers of newspaper.
  • Protect your water meter from drafts by insulating it too.
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