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Environmental Commission - “How Do I…”

  1. How Do I… Learn more about Pequannock’s Environmental Resources?

  2. How Do I… Find Maps of Virtually Anything or even Old/Current Aerial Photos?

  3. How Do I… Make Maps of Virtually Any Environmental Parameter and measure distances and areas) in NJ (NJ Gov)

  4. How Do I… Recycle/Dispose of Various Items/Materials in Pequannock?

  5. How do I... Build a bird house from a plank of wood

  6. How Do I… Know what NOT to flush (and whether I have a sewer or a septic system)?

  7. How Do I… Care for a Septic System?

  8. How Do I… Make and/or Use a Rain Barrel?

  9. How Do I… Landscape and Garden effectively and responsibly?

  10. How Do I… Learn about/report plants and animals that are invasive or endangered?

  11. How Do I… Find/learn about weather or flooding (historical, current, or forecast)?

  12. How Do I… Find/learn about our watersheds and waterbodies?

  13. How Do I… Learn more about our drinking water and associated health impacts?

  14. How Do I… See inspection reports for local food establishments?

  15. How Do I… Learn more about air quality conditions (inside and out) and associated health impacts?

  16. How Do I… Find today’s information about UV conditions, sunrise/sunset, and lunar phase?

  17. How Do I… Learn more about where our energy comes from, how much we use, and how to reduce energy costs?

  18. How Do I… Learn more about local, state, and federal environmental regulators/regulations?

  19. How Do I… Find Sites that are polluted or discharge pollutants by date, location, pollutant, and/or industry (US EPA)

  20. How Do I… Find Sites that are being/have been remediated in NJ by county/municipality (NJ DEP)

  21. How Do I… Find Educational Materials, Activities, and Trips for Teachers, Students, and Kids of All Ages?

  22. How Do I… Learn more about Pequannock Environmental Commission Activities and Events?

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