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Environmental Commission - Weather/Flooding

  1. U.S. National Weather Service (Hub for Weather, Flooding, Astronomical, Alerts, Safety, Kids/Education)

  2. Weather- Statistics: Daily Normal/Record Temperatures - Select Boonton, Temp Graph, Annual, Go (US Weather Service)

  3. Weather- Statistics: Monthly Average Temperatures, Heating/Cooling Days, Astronomical Data, etc.

  4. Weather- Statistics: Precipitation Amounts/Intensity/Durations for 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 500, 1000-year Recurrence Frequency (95% Confidence)

  5. Weather- Past Data: Precipitation Maps for past periods (total by Year, Month, Day, plus cumulative for last 7, 14, 30 , 60, 90, 180, 365 days)

  6. Weather- Past Data: Snowfall (see snowfall totals for prior and current season)

  7. Weather- Past Data: Maps of past rain/hail/snow nearby and across NJ+USA (CoCoRaHS Volunteer Weather Network)

  8. Weather- Past Data: Tables of past weather nearby and across NJ+USA (CoCoRaHS Volunteer Weather Network)

  9. Weather- Past Data: Weather condition data for Pequannock and nearby locations, from Weather Underground

  10. Weather: Live and recent lightning strikes globally with zoom to local (Blitzortung)

  11. Weather: Live and recent precipitation graph/data from 3 USGS rain gauges in/around Pequannock - click on “Classic Page” if graph not working. (USGS)

  12. Weather- Current/Forecast Conditions & Alerts: Pequannock (US Weather Service)

  13. Weather- Current/Forecast Conditions & Alerts: Weather, River Levels, Astronomical, Alerts, etc. for any Zip Code (US Weather Service)

  14. Weather- Current/Forecast Conditions & Alerts: Hourly Graphic Forecast (US Weather Service)

  15. Weather- Current/Forecast Conditions & Alerts: Weather, radar, satellite, temperature, wind/jet stream, precipitation daily/weekly, forecasts (Weather Underground)

  16. Weather- Current/Forecast Conditions & Alerts: Weather, radar, satellite, temperature, wind, allergens, alerts, weather news (Accuweather)

  17. Weather- Current/Forecast Conditions & Alerts:Weather, radar, satellite, alerts, weather news (

  18. Weather- Current/Forecast Conditions & Alerts:Weather+ Hazards: Live Radio for any ZIP Code (US Weather Service)

  19. Weather- Short- & Medium-Term Forecast Maps for Precipitation Temperature Skycover Alerts etc. (US Weather Service)

  20. Weather- Long-Term Forecast Maps for Precipitation Temperature Drought Hurricanes Alerts etc. (US Weather Service)

  21. Weather- Safety Tips (air quality, cold/heat, storm, lightning, hurricane, wind, tornado, boating, beach hazards, wildfire, snow, etc.) (US Weather Service)

  22. Flood Info: Pequannock Township's Flood Information Page (links to all the information most Township residents could want)

  23. Flood Info: Live Pompton River Level and Flow at Jackson Ave, with record levels and description of flood severity (US Weather Service)

  24. Flood Info: Pompton River Flood Water Levels at Pompton Plains NJ - current and historical, guide to flooding

  25. Flood Info: Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM), Flood Insurance Study (FIS) reports, Databases, etc. (FEMA)

  26. Flood Info:“StormReady” Communities Program (US Weather Service)

  27. Flood Info: Rainfall Runoff Control: International Stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) Database

  28. Flood Info: Education for Teachers and Kids - Weather Science and Safety (US Weather Service)

  29. Ramapo River Above Dam at Pompton Lakes New Jersey

  30. Pompton River at Pompton Plains New Jersey

  31. Ramapo River at Dawes Highway at Pompton New Jersey, Downstream of Dam

  32. Pequannock River at Macopin Intake Dam New jersey

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