Mountain Bike Squad

The Pequannock Township Police Department's Mountain Bike Squad, is a combination of officers from the Patrol Division and Detective Bureau, which have been trained in Basic Police Bike Patrol. Squad members have been certified by either the Law Enforcement Bicycle Association, or the International Police Mountain Bike Association. Instruction was provided on mountain bike safety, tactical riding and effective cycling techniques. Instruction consisted of classroom and practical riding exercises to show required proficiency, while riding.

Through generous donations from local businessmen and women, the Squad was outfitted with Police Mountain Bikes, fully equipped with emergency equipment for any incident.


The Mountain Bike Squad was implemented as a Community Policing program, to enable officers to better patrol the Township, during special events. The Squad has been mobilized during. the Police Unity Tour, parades, firework displays, and night football games. 

The Squad is further utilized during summer months, to better patrol the parks and wooded areas, in search of any illegal activity.

Squad Members

The Squad's purpose is to have more personalized contact with the Community, stopping and talking to youths and business persons. Members of the squad are:

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